Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Night, The Wind, The Silence and then...The Words

Standing near the threshold of the restricted area of the hostel building, I had a desire to trespass it. That thought transported me into a moment in the past and the memories of that beautiful night came rushing back like a cascade. I looked up at the crescent Moon playing hide and seek with the clouds. A beautiful star seemed to rest on one of the terminating points of the Moon's convex edges in an otherwise jewel-less, cloudy sky. It was not a placid night. Strong winds seemed to be promising to carry me away to a distant time. My hands instinctively reached for my pocket-diary and turned the pages for those words that had already been read a thousand times over. Words, that had come to me through an unknown force when my pen had moved on its own. Words, that had been written in a state of being possessed - possessed by an alien but beautiful emotion. Words, that were close to my heart because they had come from that beautiful night: " In life there are Karmic circles. There are some people whose energies are in sync with each other and they share a special bond which goes beyond rudimentary definitions. They immediately bond without knowing why. Those who find that connection are lucky...and there are people who do." As I read those words yet again, an inner completeness spread within me. It was a completeness that could not be understood beyond the circle of its experience...beyond me. It was a completeness which was unseen and silent but had the strength of an unspoken hope.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

जाने क्यों...
यादों के बवंडर में से
कुछ झिलमिलाते पल याद आए?
खामोश ज़बान पर
कुछ अनकहे से ख़याल आए

दूर कहीं
किसी जमाने की बात है
क्या हुआ था?
एक अरसा बीत गाया
वह अनजाना सा एहसास, खुशनुमा
रूह को जिसने छुआ

फिर अचानक
सब कुछ धुंधला सा हो गया

सदियों से कोशिश है
उस एहसास को पकड़ने की
पर रेत है...

शायद ,
कभी न ख़त्म होगी यह तलाश
शायद ,
एक बार ही होता है वह
एहसास ।