Sunday, August 15, 2010


It is amazing how the same thought finds myriad ways of expression through different forms of art.

I am not a painter. I know. But, colours have been generous to me this season.

It was a rainy Thursday. This time the words spoke. It was nice to see their playful mood. The chalky-white space had been their home for a few months now. They said they were bored and needed some colour. I was happy to help. Some colours, a paint brush, and a 'spray-yourself', was all they needed. What happened was - diffusion !

She sees him touching her breath
She breathes that touch in, and
With it, all that is him -
Deep within distance diffuses


  1. Brilliant choice of images in the last 2 posts. I bet you spent more time googling for the image than you spent on the writing itself.

  2. Slightly off topic but why the statement, "I am not a painter"? I have seen similar statements earlier too on this blog. Isn't anyone who paints a painter? I don't think there are any hierarchies in art.

    Good job, btw, both with the painting and the words.


    From the post, I guess the images are not from google, and have actually been painted by the blog owner, but then, I may be wrong.

  3. @HJ: Thank you!
    Google takes so much time to come up with the right images. It was high time I did something about it :-). As I mentioned in the post, colours have been generous to me this season;-).

    @:D: There are no hierarchies in art. Very true.
    The statement quoted by you means that I am not a 'regular' painter! Again, that can be interpreted differently! :-)

    Thank you. And, you are right! :-)

  4. My apologies. I didn't realize you painted as well! The painting accompanying "Conversation" was particularly impressive.

    Keep the posts coming, you're on a roll! You're spreading a lot of positive energy with your posts which is a welcome break from the mundane struggles of life. :)

  5. @HJ: Oh! You don't have to be apologetic! I take it as a compliment in disguise!:-) I paint occasionally. Mostly, I remain in hibernation!

    "You're spreading a lot of positive energy with your posts which is a welcome break from the mundane struggles of life.:)" - If that's true, nothing can give me more pleasure. It gives me an impetus to write more, and more often. Thank you!

  6. Like you’ve mentioned before this season has been quite generous to you and it’s showing in your writing. I think it is our foremost duty to be happy / satisfied ourselves. And when we are in that space, we are in a position to spread a lot of joy, knowingly or unknowingly. I firmly believe that a happy person can spread so much more joy than someone who is dissatisfied. And you my friend are in a good space now; make the most of it.

  7. Initially coudnt help myself laughing at first two comments and accomponied clarification.

    As far as the post is concerned-

    1. Still trying to figure it out what the painting really is. Or to be more foolishly specific, what are the nooks and corners of it. It seems to me that its upside down or rotated by 90 degree somwhat. And...

  8. (Contd..)

    2. About the textual content i can say that there may be (infact there are) numerous ways to express the same thing. Vedas say- ``Ekam Satyam Viprah Bahudha Vadanti``.. Or the same truth is told in a number of ways by enlightened ones. I think painting may be one of those odd ways.. What really matters is the content not the form..

  9. And finally i think i cracked it. The painting is not upside down. Infact i seem to see two ghoulish hands..


    PS: please remove word verification, if it doesnt result into increased spams.

  10. @Kartikeya: Haha! Yes, you 'cracked it' ! Quite literally! 'Ghoulish', is it? Now, that is some word! 'Enlightened'? I wish!:-)

    I'll look into the 'word verification' setting. And, thanks for visiting!:-)

  11. @Kartikeya / @Nivedita: 'Ghoulish' caught me by surprise! I thought it was rather lovingly calm and subtle.

    But good point...the message matters more than the form by all means.

  12. @HJ: 'Ghoulish' has taken me by surprise too! It seldom features in my lexicon! But, Art is open to interpretation. It's beauty lies in its subjectivity :-).