Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love Poem I - Anticipation: Of A Girl Getting Engaged

This afternoon brought

A gush of fragrant wind

I sat by the window

Thinking of your ring

I heard it promised

To hold fast, bring hither

The day of the Vermilion

The 'Sutra' and the 'Chaadar'

My love, isn't it

A beautiful thing?

My world fits so well

The circle of your ring!



  1. Nicely done. You've captured emotions wonderfully well in your words. And Congratulations!

  2. @HJ: Thank you! I thought you had stopped visiting:-(.

  3. don't know you personally but thought it would be unfair if i don't thank you for expressing such beautiful words...keep writing...:)

  4. Thats such a sweet poem, you are very talented...love your work in bhagonwali

  5. @ Praveen and Jasz: Thank you! :-)

  6. No problem and read on India forums that you were engaged and so now i understood how this poem came....CONGRATULATIONS:)

  7. congrats on ur engagement...
    lovely poem...i felt the same way when I got engaged...

  8. Anticipation: Of A Girl Getting Engaged - Nivedita, this is so beautiful.
    The word so few and spare the impact bold and beautiful. Read on the forms you were recently engaged obiously you both are very much in love.
    Congratulation and God blessing to you both.

  9. Nive, saw yours and Ankur's interview....so impressed with you too. You mentioned Ankur does haiku and now I see him influence he has had on your writing also, this was the first poem of your I read and was impressed with the economy of the words but how well the meaning was conveyed. Beautiful .... God bless you both in you beautiful new life together may you always fulfill each others dreams.


  10. Dear Nivedita,
    I have first noticed you in &tv serial Ganga. I loved your acting and wanted to know more about you. That is when I came to know about your blog. I am an aspiring writer and I am spellbound to see your writings. After reading your writings I feel, your a hundred times more beautiful from inside than you are from outside. I have also seen an interview that you gave with your husband and I was very excited to know that yours is a 2-states marriage. Coming to this post, I must say you have exactly captured the feelings of a girl who is getting the love of her life. I can very much relate myself to this poem because I am also engaged and about to get married,that too with a person who belongs to another state having a culture that is quite contrary to that of mine. All the best for your life. :)