Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love Poem II - Hinging Hope, Hesitant Heart

As you walk across the threshold of my heart

I watch

Plucking the strings of my silent being

Are you a mirage, or a promised meaning?

Or, the undiscovered lines of an unwritten poem






जो मेरे ह्रदय के आँगन को

चीर कर निकलते हो

देखती हूँ तुम्हें

मैं निशब्द

मन के तारों में उलझ कर|

तुम एक मरीचिका हो

या एक वचनबद्ध यथार्थ

या फ़िर उस अनकही कविता की

लघु पंक्तियों का

क्षणिक, किन्तु अंतहीन विस्तार


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  2. Wow, what a beautiful poem!! I thought it was two poems until I read the Hindi. :) Did not understand some of the Hindi words so will have to ask parents to tell me the meaning but the English version and Hindi version both sound beautiful!!

  3. I asked my mom to read the poem in Hindi and told her I didn't understand some of the Hindi words. She read it and said, "Kya nahin samaj aaya? Marichika and Yathart?" Lol, it's funny how well mom's know their kids...

    Also, congrats on the new TRPs for Bhagonwali!! #87 in ranking for last week!!

  4. Er... that should be "how well moms know their kids..."

  5. @Neha: Yes, mom's know their kids in-and-out! And don't worry about the typos. I won't judge you! :-)

  6. truely amazing, nivi di...
    (i hope u dont mind me referrin' u by dat name.. ;o )
    woooowww....both hindi n english versions r wonderful..

    n congos...i nevr knew dat BBAT TRPs increased...
    ur performance is highly laudable...
    all the best...n yeah, 1nce again.."superb creations..."!! :D

  7. This poem too was beautiful bilingually - done very nicely - I look forward to reading more. Love you on BBAT and the rest of the gang.

  8. Nivedita, this is a poem with such deep meaning. it speaks of some inner turmoil and so beautifully penned by you. I love BBAT ..You, Hammanshoo as Runjhun and Guddu are a pleasure to watch. Continue the brilliant work that you two do as well as the rest of the gang. Hope to see more or you on TV and more of your wloquent writings!!

  9. Really love your ability to write such beutiful poems. You do have a way with word. Keep it up.

  10. We've read many poems of different languages along with their english translations but your own bilingual poems are just awesome...Quite spiritual,I'd say...