Friday, July 15, 2011

Morning inspiration for a poem:

'Truth is beauty, beauty truth' - Keats

"Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?" - Harry Potter
"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?" - Dumbledore


I believe

There's a world of fairies
There's a place where rainbows meet
There's a face the moon never shows
Those stars have twinkling feet

The butterfly borrows colour
From the flower, as they greet
The sunflower cranes its neck
When the sun brings the morning fleet

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty'
They've said from the times of yore
I believe in the truth of the fables
Of the legends and the folklore

This world of belief is beautiful
Away from the daily grind
Why does this world seem real
When it exists inside my mind?


  1. This somehow reminds me of that beautiful ghazal by Jagjeet Singh..

    "Mujhko yaqeen hai, sach kehti thi.. jo bhi ammi kehti thi...
    Jab mere bachpan ke din the, chaand pe pariyaan rehti thi"

  2. Lovely poem =) And I like the picture choice!

  3. Such a beautiful poem... :-)

    @Divesh: Nice one ...

  4. @Div: I agree! :-)

    @Neha and Tapasya: Thank you!:-)

  5. Nivedita, I really like this poem...the last line:
    "Why does this world seem real
    When it exists inside my mind? "

    it reminds me of noetic science, which I came across in "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown... noetic theory is basically how thoughts have matter and can actually affect/change the physical's a really interesting subject...

    any way, nice job...

  6. Nivedita
    As I have mentioned before you are a wonderful writer. Love the inspirational poems/writings on your blog. Your writings are always thought provoking to the point where the reader looks withing themselves. Hope to see more soon.

  7. I love all your poem........ you are very creative person.... I like your show also...... keep up the good work..... Love you

  8. Hey,It reminds me of "Through the looking glass & what Alice found there". Nice thoughts & the last stanza was really good.