Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On The Banks Of Sarayu

As the evening sun kisses the horizon
Storks flock the paddy fields
Farmers mount their bullock carts
Singing 'biraha' for their beloveds

Another quiet moonlit night crawls in
Before the bazaars open to familiarity
Aromas of jalebis and samosas
Waft through halwaii's dukaan

'Behenji' shouts for a rickshaw-waala
Standing under the old Banyan tree
While the monkeys feast on the 'prasaad'
That has fallen from her 'jholaa'

An unending barricade
Leads up to the no-man's-land
Now divided in ink -
A temple that speaks of devotion
Sung in the verses of Tulsidas
A mosque that speaks of faith
Turned in the pages of history

On the banks of Sarayu
A mallah's radio plays the morning devotionals
A crow watches the dying smoke
From the last rites of an unknown

Awadh lives...