Thursday, November 17, 2011

House, This Time; Home, Always

Layers are added each year to this house
To the once-upon-a-time-brick-and-mortar

A fresh coat of paint to invite new memories
Some addition in the attic to the precious old ones

Some thoughtful re-arrangements to usher-in the future
Some painful replacements to let go of the past

But there's a constant presence
Which makes it home, always!


  1. Listen to this if you haven't already..

  2. Div, missed you here!:-( A line or two from you always makes me happy! :-)

  3. visit my blog.. you'd find as many lines as you want :-)

  4. I miss seeing your pictures that go with the poems! Like this as well :o)

  5. Hey,Nice imagery & great nostalgic feelings that have expressed themselves so seamlessly...I think it should be "Let Go Off" instead of "Let go of"...

  6. @Neha: Becomes very difficult when I make posts on the phone. But the pictures are back now! :-)

    @Abhi: Thank you! :-)