Friday, January 27, 2012

The Spring Promise

O cold and callous winter

So wanton in thy pride

Don't you see the nascent buds

And the slowly turning tide?

White words, awake from slumber

Now flower and spread their seed

The icy walls are melting

The West wind is taking speed

O cold and callous winter

Take heed and melt thy pride

Frozen rivers begin to speak

New Spring has taken a stride

Sunday, January 22, 2012

मेरे शब्द

किसको दूँ मैं
इनकी तीव्रता
इनकी अकुलाहट
इनका अभिमान

मेरे अनगिनत जन्मों के प्रतीक
कितनी ही यात्राओं के अवशेष
कभी उन्मादित - उन्मुक्त
कभी संचित - संकुचाये

ये शब्द
- जिनके भीतर, मैं मूक -
किसको दूँ मैं?

'Mere Shabd'

Kisko doon main
Inki teevrata
Inki akulaahat
Inka abhimaan

Mere anginat janmon ke prateek
Kitni hi yaatraaon ke avshesh
Kabhi unnmaadit - unnmukt
Kabhi sanchit - sankuchaaye

Ye shabd
- jinke bheetar, main mook -
Kisko doon main?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Voices of the Ancient

The ancient island drowns
But Sappho lives
In the fragments
Which have traveled across time
To Philomela - silent but seething
Her scars woven into a crimson voice
Passed from a generation to another
Despite failed attempts
Of Tereus and his tribe

The idelible mark tells Celie
Being a woman is beautiful
Not from the ribs
Of the He-God's favourite
But alive in those scars
We become the women we are

Medusa is lovely
It is wonderful to hear her laugh