Saturday, February 11, 2012

Your Days Away From Mine

Take if you must
Your days away from mine

Our love has outgrown the letters
There's dust on the road
And the coffee's gone cold
But, ain't we better together
And, there's no other way?

So, let's play a game - you and I
Of strangers who once meet
You, the time traveler, and I, your wife
I colour my hair grey
And tell you stories from the future we share
Aren't they lovely -
Flashbacks to take, memories to make

Having nowhere to go
I keep something for the next time

Till the, only till then
I let you take
Your days away from mine


  1. Another excellent collection .. love to read ...

  2. Oh MY GAWD... I loved dis poem, especially THIS .. totally LOVE dis!
    I loved every line and syllble of dis. Eery stanza stood in rhythm wid da last. And the meaning da poem held is priceless. Keep Rocking Nivi! V just luv u !

  3. wonderful thoughts at display... :)

  4. This is such a beautiful piece of poetry. Totally love it! Glad I landed on your blog :-)

  5. @Pinky, Nikki, Kaushik and Pragya: Thank you for the encouraging words :-).