Sunday, March 11, 2012

Had I loved You Just A Little Less

Inspired by Ruttie Jinnah's last letter to Muhammad Ali Jinnah:

Had I loved you just a little less

I would have remained with you

With the night gone, there was so much

That was taken away -

The quiver of the dark through the brief candle

The reticent silence between the moist words

The familiar scatter of the dust under the shoes...

The musk had grown faint

I had stared for far too long

There were no more shadows to chase

When the twilight drew a strange silhouette

And not much was left

I saw my fugitive dreams become you


  1. Read it. Then read it again. Then read it yet again. Absolutely brilliant (Gulzaresque, I'd say :)).

  2. @Div: Thanks. This blog owes its birth to you. I remember how reluctant I was and how persistent you were :-).

    @Avinash: Thank you :-).

  3. Lovely, perhaps if Jinnah were able to respond it would have sounded like 'Fatal Interview XLVII' by Edna Saint Vincent Millay. :)

  4. @Anonymous: The similarity is so uncanny! Yeah, he would - 'men outlive the anguish', you see! :-)

    And, who may you be?