Sunday, August 19, 2012

जब हर तरफ इंसान है...

एक तरफ ईंटों का मजहब, एक तरफ ईमान है
क्यों एक तरफ ये गुट खड़े, जब हर तरफ इंसान है

वो ईंट से  फिर लाल रंग की दो दीवारें खींचेंगे
उस तरफ़ तेरे घर जलेंगे, इस तरफ़ मेरे टूटेंगे

इस काफ़िराना बात पर वो उसकी दुहाई लायेंगे
मैं तुझको फिर दफनाऊंगा, तुझसे मुझे जलवायेंगे

तेरा खून भी इस मिट्टी पे, मेरी राख भी इस मिट्टी पे
एक मिट्टी ही दोनों तरफ, फिर ख़ाक क्यों इस मिट्टी पे

ऊंची दीवारें हैं खिंची, रौंदा पड़ा ईमान है
क्यों एक तरफ ये गुट खड़े, जब हर तरफ इंसान है

Saturday, August 18, 2012

From An Instigator To A Rioting Mob

"If India lives, who dies; if India dies, who lives?" ~ Mahatma Gandhi

In the wake of the
Assam violence, Mahatma's words are both, a challange and an inspiration.



You've done it yet again
May I say, it is always a pleasure
To see you soaking in each other's blood
While things fall apart at leisure

I admit, at times I am jittery
When your secular sentiments unite
But my period of lull is brief
For you are fools, who never disappoint

Of course, that is what I want!
And you make the deal damn easy
Just goad your prickly identities
Divide and laugh - the strategy

Each time when the deed is done
You ponder who I am
Who started the fire and how
Is it the next-door Raheem or Ram?

You deserve a sincere thank you
To let me get away each time
So, with the bicker and brawl at Raisina
Here's for you, my gift sublime

When this madness is over
You shall all have something to keep
A billion shadows of guilt
And countless tears to weep